Who we are

Diagcode is a new, dynamically developing company that focuses on creating different and specialized software solutions. We implement modern software technologies and methodologies in our work.


We cooperate with our partners at every stage of the software development process, starting from planning through analysis, design and application development, as well as support of our products.

Our Advantages

100% Confidence & Quality

We offer carrier certified products. Your devices arrive fully tested, approved and activated

Fully Optimized

Our products are made for very easy use.

Customer Satisfaction

Our professional support is at the heart of this.

Best Pricing

Best Hardware and Software Pricing

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Diagcode is the leading software for VIN-to-PIN calculation for Hyundai and KIA vehicles. The software works with a USB dongle that works without any time limit and without any additional subscriptions and annual fees. Individual modules are purchased once. An Internet connection is required when using the paid modules. Currently it has several free modules and 3 paid modules.

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SIMPLEDIAG - The future of user-friendly features


This interface is designed to help the user quickly and easily do the job they need. Different features can be activated depending on what one needs. All software is designed so that the user without much thought within seconds can do what he's got.

Mercedes Benz Seed-Key Generator Tool (MB SKGT)


The Mercedes Benz Seed-Key Generator Tool (MB SKGT) was designed to unlock MB controllers in different levels to get access to critical diagnostic procedures and functions. The unlocking challenges are kind of a question/answer game between ECU and diagnostic equipment. To give the correct secret answer to a question of the ECU you need the MB SKG Tool, which is able to calculate the correct answer. This software is specifically designed to work with Vediamo and Monaco.

OBDII Logger

OBD Logger device have:

●      3 CAN Channel   pins: 6/14, 3/11, 3/8

●      4-Kline Channels pins: 1,7,12,15

●      micro USB port

●      TFT Display

●      WiFi

Extreme MB tools


A set of different software needed for key programming, module personalization, module renew, password calculation and many other useful features.


  • Extreme IR reader
  • Extreme MB tool
  • Extreme EZS reader
  • Extreme BE Key programmer
  • Extreme EZS Password reader
  • Extreme All Keys Lost

Novel ESL Emulator

We offer a unique development that you can not find elsewhere. Emulator that works in two modes - "Old ESL Mode" and "W204/207/212 Mode". Also, the connection is too easy - you just need to plug socket of the car in the emulator.

  • The only one in the world that supports models - W176 and W246 
  • Work on all FBS3 models
  • Can be personalized using a real workshop Key same as real ESL

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